About Me

I'm a pretty simple person, living in the wilds of the Mat-Su Valley of Alaska, with my hubby, a herd of goats, a flock of sheep, some chickens, geese and various other denizens of the woods.
We try to keep the moose, rabbits, and other critters out of the garden and fox, weasels, owls, eagles and hawks away from the chickens. The occasional loose dog and wayward bear don't tend to bother the livestock so far.
I like to work with fiber; spinning, knitting, weaving and dying my wool. (are you seeing a correlation to the name of my blog?)
I don't currently have a J-O-B, but I've had various jobs working as an RN, a CNA instructor, a Case Manager and more recently chief hay slinger and poo shoveler at my very own farm which yields eggs, chickens and turkeys for our freezer, sometimes even some goat and sheep meat, plus a never ending supply of fiber for my addiction. My hubby does computer work for the State in Anchorage.
We have both worked on occasion at the local Reindeer Farm. It's a Dirty Job- just ask Mike Rowe.

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