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Time Without End – Cora’s Bond #2 by VM Black Exclusive Interview with author.

Time Without End – Cora’s Bond #2 by VM Black
This book is number 2 in the second series of novellas featuring Cora Shaw, the cognate (human consort) of agnate (vampire) Dorian Thorne.  Wow! What a read!  This 20 something, victim of leukemia (oh, BTW, I had not read any of the other books in the series, I was given this one in exchange for an honest review, so I went back and grabbed the FIRST book in the FIRST series to get some background) was given the option of dying with dignity in Hospice, or going to see one Dorian Thorne. With nothing to lose, she chose door #2. Fast forward a few months, her treatment for cancer, was supposed to have been an injection of long chain molecules, a hemotoxin, which would create a metabolic changes, reverting the cancer cells to a healthy state.  It instead was Dorian’s vampiric bite, a cure, but also an irreversible bond.  We are now nearly to the eve of their wedding, this, Cora’s second Bond to Dorian. They have fallen in love, Cora is nearly finished with college, has started working at Dorian’s Lab, where they are perfecting the injection for humanitarian purposes and she is beginning to take on responsibilities of the chatelaine of the manor, helping Dorian host various soirées.
Then suddenly, during an outing, something goes horribly wrong!
I cannot wait to read the next installment – AND catch up on what I missed between the first book in the first series and this one!
VM Black is an author to follow.

Exclusive late night FaceBook interview with author VM Black of Cora’s Choice and Cora’s Bond Series
“Just posted Time without End
VM Black:
“I want to write "this is different, I swear" in the blurb. Lol.
After vampires got popular, a lot of people just retelling the same stories popped up. So lots of readers are very cynical!”
“True story. I got tired of vampires. This is a great twist!”
VM Black:
Thanks! Funny thing is that I started this when I was “trad pubbed”. They wanted me to do vampires, and I was like, "It has to be DIFFERENT, and I have to love it!"
“What made you go indie?”
VM Black:
“They lost interest because they published any crappy, derivative vampire books that they lost their audience. Plus I was tired of writing for peanuts.”
“With my national bestseller that took 2 years to get published, I ended up with about 60% of a first-year elementary teacher....without the benefits. It ended up being quite a bit less than minimum wage.”
“I bet. Corporate just has no idea what is really going on
You are queen of the novella now”
VM Black:
“I'm having a GREAT time. And the writing is SOOOOOO much better. I used to have to fend off the "bright ideas" of editors and marketing.
They have no idea what readers want; especially genre readers.
That's why I don't tell anyone my old name.
Of course now I am curious!!
VM Black:
"I'll let everyone know once I get my rights back! Lol
Then I can fix the books; put them out in the right order. That kind of thing."
“I've been seeing a lot of that.”
VM Black
“Yep. It's sad.”

More About the Author
you can also find me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vm.black.58 (Click "Follow" to see my posts and be able to comment without sharing yours.)
I'm currently working exclusively in the Aethereal Bonds world, which I've mapped out to be big enough to let me tell all the different kinds of stories I want to share with readers. It's got vampires, demons, weres, faes and more--all sorts of creatures that are great fun to play with.
What other authors say:
"It's fine. No, really, it's fine. If vampires are your thing." - Amazon Bestselling Author Viola Rivard
"ELVES. Also, PANTHER." - Debut author Sylvia Frost
"But are they *British* shifters? Do they have wings? Wings are cool." - Jessie Donovan
"If Cora had a nickel for every choice..." - Mandy M. Roth

My shifter and my vampire books overlap slightly. If you want to read everything in perfect chronological order, this is how it goes.

(Or get the boxed set for 50% off.)
Out of the Darkness
Out of Chances
Life Blood
Blood Born
Bad Blood
(1-3 are in Blood of Life)
Blood Rites
Blood Bond
Blood Price
(4-6 are in Rite of Blood)
For All Time
Time Without End
Time Out of Mind
Matter of Time

Coming soon: More panther books, the rest of Cora's Bond, the Cora stories retold from Dorian's point of view (by fan votes!), and then a surprise shifter series. :D

Cora, who did not want to die, has gotten much more life than she bargained for! Murder! Mayhem! Intrigue! Espionage!

Time Without End
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Reach me at my website: http://www.aetherealbonds.com

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