Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Has to Start Somewhere

I've always kind of wanted to write. (is that correct English? do I, at this point, really care?) I'm getting thoughts down on paper, virtual paper, and I'm simply going to go for it. I'm a bit of a frustrated comedian, and told I make people laugh. A voracious reader, I also thought I could put my talents together and write book reviews.

Whoa! Easier said than done! First you have to READ. THE. BOOK. Suddenly this has become work. What was an enjoyable pastime - where I read book after book, sometimes two or three in a week, suddenly became slower than molasses in January (in Fairbanks Alaska, not Jamaica, folks) I befriended a few authors, picked up a couple of ARC's - those are Advance Review Copy's to those of you not in the know - and decided to give this a go.

I lost my iTouch. This was my faithful e-reader. No big deal, it's somewhere around the house and the books are on my iCloud. So I dig out my old faithful second generation Kindle. Yeah, that one. The big, clunky box-like, type on the round keyed QWERTY keyboard and use the toggle switch to move between lines Kindle. THAT ONE.

WHERE's my ARC's? Crap! They are NOT on the cloud! They are on the iTouch. Which is now DEAD. Somewhere. Therefore, it does not exist. Go to Amazon. . . Manage my Content and Devices. Nope, not there. Search the help files frantically. Note to self: you cannot get help if you do not know what you need help doing!

This requires pizza and beer. No job. No cash. Cinnamon toast and tea it is.

Back to Facebook, ask a few questions, get ARC's remailed. WHEW!!!

OK, back to reading! Can't load these things onto my Kindle! I do my best reading at bedtime!!!! ARRRRGGGHHHHH! MORE questions. Still can't load these on my Kindle. OK, bedtime reading on the PC it is.

How do I write a book review? Is it like a book report? Or do I just tell people what I really thought about the book? 

It sucked (vampire novel) It bit (were-insert animal here-novel) Squeee! (romance)

Oh, wait, they have to be a bit longer? This is gonna take some work . . .

Until next time: I may actually have a book review to share.

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